More About Me

Connie's diverse background and extensive experience make her a highly qualified REALTOR®. Growing up an Air Force brat, coupled with her international and domestic relocations, gives her a deep understanding of the challenges and nuances associated with moving and finding the right property in various locations. This cultural and geographical insight can be a significant advantage for her clients. 

With over 30+ years of experience in real estate, office management, and executive support, Connie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her ability to work effectively with diverse boards, including university presidents, legislators, and retired military members, demonstrates her strong interpersonal skills and adaptability. 

Connie's strong qualities of organization, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail make her a trusted partner for clients looking to navigate the real estate market. Her interests in interior design, DIY projects, and landscaping add another layer to her skills, allowing her to provide valuable insights into the potential of properties and how they can be customized to meet her clients' needs and preferences. 

Her passion for motorcycle riding showcases her adventurous spirit, which translates into a can-do attitude when it comes to finding the perfect property or negotiating on behalf of her clients.

Connie's unique background and diverse skill set make her a standout REALTOR® capable of providing exceptional service to her clients.

Connie enjoys interior design, DYI projects, and landscaping. She finds
potential in most everything she sees! Connie is also an avid motorcycle rider.